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So, uh, I found a “yaoi fangirl problems” blog the other day.

I won’t name it, but here are some of the wonderful submissions I saw, paraphrased:

  • Knowing more about gay sex than your gay friends
  • Encouraging straight male friends to become gay
  • Encouraging male friends to be in yaoi relationships

I just rolled my eyes and assumed that this has got to be a troll blog.

A few years ago I was in my anime prime. I was younger and didn’t know yet how seriously detrimental it could be to my career to have heavy anime influence, so I was a little stupid. But I was aware enough of myself to always place a line in the sand between loving anime and being an insane person.

But in our very small school there were at least a few anime fans in every grade of 20 to 30 kids. So as you can imagine, I was virtually free from harassment if I wanted to cosplay once in a while (moderately… I would wear wigs and fairly inconspicuous jackets, etc) or plaster my binder with shounen-ai (I generally made it so people would think the ‘uke’ was a girl, it worked).

I say this because I feel I don’t see this kind of propriety in most schools. Mine was small and anime fans were well-accepted to the point basically everyone knew what it was and could connect with fans on dubbed shows they saw as kids like Pokemon or Dragonball and with video-games and such.

That said… this was a school that hosted kids all the way from Kindergarden to senior high-schoolers. So naturally, the younger kids picked up on what the cool, older kids were doing.

So I have a couple incidents to impart.

(1) There’s a youth centre nearby where many from the school would hang after school hours. One day I was doing whatever business (eating or drawing or something) at the counter that overlooked the open play area, and there were some third-or-so-graders I was friendly with playing around. I didn’t really know what they were doing until I saw their ringleader push his hands out in front of him yelling “RASENGAN!”

Now, I didn’t know at the time “Rasengan” was the name used in the dubbed version of Naruto as well, and thinking it wasn’t I was rather curious about this.

"D," I coxed him over, "You watch Naruto?"

"Yeah," D said, "I watch it in Japanese, though, dubbed sucks."

All I could think was, wow. That was what I was curious about but I hadn’t asked that, yet. He’d just sort of thrown it out like it was impressive or something.

"Oh, so do I. Do you watch anything not subbed?"

He gave me a look like I was retarded.

"Of course not," he said, "Subbed is better!"

I told him I actually watched a few dubs and he treated it like… like I was stupid, really. It was the most pompous thing. I got a little impatient with his attitude and asked him, “Well, why are subs better?”

He couldn’t answer anything but a variation on “Sub is better”. Not a “it’s truer to the original” or “it’s more accurate” or “it’s less censored”… he just offered it as a fact that he’d been fed, chewed up, and was spitting back out of me.

Of course he would. He was like 12. He’s not expected to do much more.

It was incredibly jarring to know that this kid, and probably all his friends in turn, was taking in these influences and acting arrogant on a subject like this. He’d been given an elitist attitude and he couldn’t even explain his reasoning or back himself up. 

And then he went back to spitting out Japanese call-outs for fireball ninjutsu and discussing nin-do and impressing his peers. Yikes.

(2) This story can be more succinct, I know I write too much. Here’s the skinny: I found hentai in a school book.

It was a montage of EXTREMELY explicit Hentai images, in black and white. You could see inside a girl’s anus because she was goatse-ing the reader. There were exaggerated boobs that were being milked. Think of the filthiest-looking Hentai art style and that was what it was.

It was printed out and stuck in a schoolbook. The teacher who saw me with it was aghast and I had to explain quickly that I had just happened upon it.

This schoolbook was notable because it was one of the books shared amongst many grades. As in, middle-schoolers were likely to have seen this. 

I don’t know if it was a prank, but I’ve never felt that it was. It just didn’t seem that way, it seemed like an accident. Like someone had left it there. But who knows. What worries me more is that I don’t think our high-schoolers would be so stupid as to leave Hentai in a book, and a middle-schooler probably did.

Re - Anime Haters; a rant (submit a video's not working)

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Apparently, the right to have an opinion = the right to be a closed-minded bitch.

So I’m browsing my friend “K“‘s Facebook page, and “K” talks about how even though she fangirls over various anime characters and Asian pop stars to the point of open obsession, that she loves her boyfriend more than any of them. Okay, she has standards, awesome.

Then comes her friend “A”, who says, with a straight face, that she loves the Undertaker from Black Butler more than her boyfriend, to which I’m just thinking, “you should just ditch your boyfriend, you really have no standards.” But I held myself back and just dismissed her for now.

A few months later, I see “A” on “K“‘s wall again, and I thought to check “A“‘s profile, which happens to have a number of public posts, all with commenting enabled. One of the posts she made said that people who think the Haruhi Suzumiya series is good are on drugs.

Now, I’m not a big fan of Haruhi myself, but that post pushed one of my berserk buttons: people who think enjoying a particular series, game, musician, or what-have-you makes you inferior. 

Since commenting was enabled as mentioned above, I asked her, “If other people like the series, what’s the problem? What if someone went and said the same about your favorite anime?” 

To which she simply said that her favorite anime is much better and has a better fanbase, while Haruhi has a “cult”.

I countered again, politely and thoroughly, trying to convince her that not every fan of [insert series here] is some sort of deranged lunatic, and that she really shouldn’t be looking down on someone just because they like a series she doesn’t like.

Her last words in the conversation: “i’m voicing my own opinion. who the fuck are you to come on to my page and tell me what i should and should not say? gtfo”

At which point, I gave it up. No use reasoning with someone who does not appear to have the word “constructive” in their vocabulary. Some people think the right to speak their mind also includes the right to be a bratty weeb and a fan hater.

Anonymous asked,

am i a weaboo for knowing what anime your icon is from

Naaaah, you’re not.

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See you next time on “JPOP AMERICA FUNTIME NOW!”


See you next time on “JPOP AMERICA FUNTIME NOW!”

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Omg they did this skit again?!


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good lord


good lord

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Youtube bullshit